What payment providers do you support?

You can pay either with any debit or credit card, or you can simply pay us with PayPal.

What is the benefit of your product?

The Alpaca fiber has many advantages over wool and Kashmir.

Manly these are:

It’s never too warm/cold
Dirt and stain resistant
Naturally hypoallergenic
Super lightweight

Please refer to The Alpaca Advantage to learn more about how cool Alpaca is.

What exactly is Alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is made of the Alpaca yarn; the Alpaca belongs to the Lama family and lives in the high altitudes of the Andes in South America.

Is it available in my country?

We can ship to any country in the world, but please keep in mind that additional shipping cost may occur for your country. We do deliver free of charge in Germany.

Is the Alpaca harmed in any way during the process of production?

No of course not! The alpaca is holly for us and we would never do something which hurts the Alpaca. The Alpaca is sheered like a sheep, this happens every year once in spring.