...the exquisite fashion brand for high quality, natural products using the finest baby alpaca yarn from the Peruvian Andes region to create awesome products.


SALQAPACHA was founded with the vision to enable its fans and customers to wear natural, high quality products of the finest baby alpaca wool in countries where this quality of alpaca wool was not available.  With its traditional yarn directly sourced from the Peruvian Andes region and already used in pre-hispanic times by the Inkas, SALQAPACHA combines authentic Peruvian heritage with a modern approach to fashion.



As we aim for excellence and quality in our work we likewise do
for each individual product using the best available quality.
We only use the best available alpaca yarn from certified
producers in Peru in order to guarantee the highest quality
in our product. To ensure the best quality in our products
SALQAPACHA cooperate with the department “Producción
de ovinos y camélidos” of Universidad Nacional Agraria La
Molina (UNALM) in Lima as they can test the yarn for quality
in their laboratories.


In every aspect of our business we aim for a sustainable
approach – with partners, our employees, our products and
our customers. Therefore, we enjoy working with natural
products that are sourced in a sustainable manner directly
from Peru without any intermediaries.


Similar to ancient time, the use of alpaca products is reserved for
an absolute premium and very privileged group. However,
SALQAPACHA recognized that many people in our world are not
as privileged as our customers. Although, the “Alpaqueros” and
sewers work with the finest luxury fiber in the world, many of them
are deprived and in certain areas may even experience poverty.
SALQAPACHA helps to bring employment and money to people
of unprivileged, rural areas in Peru as we source directly from Peru
without intermediaries. Nevertheless, we recognise that not
everyone involved in the supply chain benefits equally and certain
groups are disadvantaged. Therefore, SALQAPACHA additionally
supports development and educational programs in rural areas
of Peru.


We strive to provide our customers with authentic natural
products directly sourced from its manufacturers without
many intermediate distributors along the value chain.
This guarantees us good access to the origin of our
products – the basis for creating authentic products.